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Styling by Style Crew, Open2view

We are in the business of making great first impressions


When selling your home there will only ever be one chance to make a great first impression on your buyer.  By careful attention to detail with preparation and presentation of your most valuable asset, you not only ensure the best possible outcome but feel safe in the knowledge that your marketing reflects your investment.

"Creating that memorable first impression generally leaves a lasting one, so attention to detail is imperative to attracting a larger buyer pool and achieving a premium sales result"
Styling by Style Crew, Open2view

How can we help?


We coach you through the basics at our initial consultation, a virtual 'selling homes 101'; effectively conducting a full home audit detailing recommendations, tips, knowledge and more on how to order, prepare and style your home for sale.  With presentation as a focus we also offer a Pre Photo Shoot Styling service.  On the day of the shoot we transform your home to be 'photo ready' from our stunning collection of designer soft furnishings and decorator items with an option to purchase, if desired.

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